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Wednesday and Marie Coffin Doll Set



Take Polly Pocket from our childhood but make it spooky.  Our Montessori take on Wednesday Addams and her beloved Marie Antoinette doll are perfect for the alternative loving babe in your life.


Each set includes:

  • -One coffin measuring 6"
  • -One Wednesday Addams inspired doll measuring 3"
  • -One Marie Antoinette doll measuring 1.5"
  • -One blanket
  • -One pillow 

Each set is painted with No VOC Eco paint

Hand wash or spot clean with your favorite mild soap or detergent and let air dry.

Each of our toys comes gift wrapped as our treat to you, and if you would like us to include a card, please let us know during checkout. We heart the earth too, so all our shipping materials are recyclable and compostable.