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Clover + Birch Camper

Clover + Birch Camper Mobile Boutique


In 2018, after one hell of a year of loss and hard knocks, Taylor decided to pursue her dream of turning a vintage camper into a mobile store for Clover + Birch. She spent months searching for the perfect vintage camper to renovate. When she stumbled upon a deconstructed 1967 Shasta Daisy camper on Facebook Marketplace, she knew she’d found the one. With no towing experience, three kids riding shotgun, and her mom following along for good measure, she hitched up the camper and made the two hour drive home.

By the time the camper pulled into the driveway, the rotten wood frame had caused all four corners to separate, leaving this project hanging on by nothing more than hope and a ratchet strap.

Being a single mother to three under six while running a business meant that renovations would take her almost two years. One post bedtime renovation session after another, Taylor removed each stripped screw, reconstructed the frame, cried a little, and cussed a lot until she brought her vision to life. (Watch the camper glow up here.)

Now, the Clover + Birch Camper makes its way around town as a mobile boutique and is available for Pop Up Markets, Pop Up Playdates, and Private Events.

If you’d like to request a pop up event at your store or if you’d like to rent the camper to use for your own business needs, send us a message!


Clover + Birch Camper Pop Up Market