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Meet Clover + Birch


Clover + Birch began as a handmade wooden toy brand, created by my desire for families to have beautiful toys, made of natural materials, that would become heirloom pieces, not just another disposable product. 

When we moved into our studio space in Cartersville, GA, I had a desire to create a space with those same principles while facilitating a sense of community. I mean those climbing places are cool and all, but there’s nothing enjoyable about nursing a baby while trying to chase your toddler the wrong way up a slide. We hope your toddler leaves ready for a nap + you leave feeling like you just hung out with your best friend in their living room.

Meet Taylor

Meet Taylor…the one who started it all. She's the maker of bad ass playlists, tiny humans, six of them to be exact, and wood toys. She'll give you the shirt off her back and tell you how much she paid for it at the thrift store. As an experienced woodworker, Taylor can be found in the shop singing entirely too loud with her beloved Pit Bulls by her side. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Georgia State University that sits inside all day while she's hanging out in the shop.