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To move freely, one must be deeply rooted.

I’d like to tell you that the success of my labor-of-love brand was wildly intentional. I’d like to tell you that I followed a strategic plan crafted with the infinite amount of knowledge gained while earning my degree in business. I’d like to tell you these things, but I can’t. While I’ve used so much of the knowledge and experience I gained in my undergrad years, Clover + Birch grew its roots with passion, intention, and lessons learned from the school of hard knocks; a school where I have since earned a PhD.

What began as a way to supplement our family income when I left my corporate job to stay home with my eldest daughter, evolved into a lifeline to leave a declining marriage that no longer served anyone involved. One overwhelming decision lead to another, and I had to choose between returning to my corporate field or crafting the life for myself and my children that I’d dreamed of.

Terrified, I chose to invest in myself and the brand that I’d loved and nurtured right alongside my oldest daughter. I used every ounce of hard work, every compliment and discouraging word, every drop of blood shed, and every tear cried (trust me, there’s been plenty of both), to take a chance on my dream.

Things most certainly got more difficult before they became any easier but, when I dug in, I found strength in myself and my abilities. I was grounded by friends and family and supported in ways that could never be measured across a thousand lifetimes.

At one point, my dearly beloved friend and nanny volunteered to watch the girls for a few hours free of charge, and I said, “I know you don’t mind, but it’s like everyone is offering to do things for me and I don’t want to be a fucking charity case.”

She halfway laughed at my ridiculous response and reminded me of how temporary that awful phase of my life would be. She told me she didn’t mind giving because she knew I’d pass it on when I could. My friends, and their infinite loving wisdom, are pure gold, y’all.

The storm has passed, I say knocking on every piece of wood in the woodshop, and it’s time to help someone else plant her own roots.

Rooted is a business grant and mentorship program sponsored by Clover + Birch to help another mother pursue her dreams of entrepreneurship while caring for her family.

I’ll tell ya what we want, what we really really want...

We are looking for a product-based business with a focus on socially responsible and sustainable practices whose goods would compliment our current offerings. We will use our reach as a platform to launch your initial product line and will continue our business collaborations through exclusive pairings.

What you’ll get…

  • I’ll use my PhD in hard knocks to mentor the next badass mama entrepreneur with a dream. We’ll work together to strategize on your current brand, or help craft your dream brand.

  • Clover + Birch will infuse up to $1,000 over the course of one calendar year to help develop your business in the areas where it could most benefit from funding.

  • You’ll be invited to join my exclusive Mastermind group of powerhouse female entrepreneurs (these are *the* coolest women around).

  • A copy of Mind Your Business, a workbook created by my friend, and fellow maker, Illana Griffo, to help you strategize and plan from A to Z.

  • A year long membership to Flourish, a handmade sellers digital classroom that I personally use and love. Your Flourish membership includes:

  • All Access Pass to the Flourish Digital Campus - 4 Groups and Classes held on Facebook where their training takes place!

  • Attend Local Community Meet-Ups and Group Workshops. Discounts and early access to all Artisan Indie / Flourish events and programs including the annual Flourish Fusion Conference for Makers. I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker at the 2018 conference and it was life changing!


  • Must be 18 years or older to apply.

  • Must identify as a woman and a mother.

  • Demonstrate a business need that could be fulfilled by the grant.

  • Provide a detailed explanation of how you’d benefit from the grant proceeds.

  • Show how the grant will improve your business growth and success.

The process…

  • Applications deadline March 8th 2020.

  • Finalists notified April 5th.

  • Finalist phone/video interviews, the week of April 7th.

  • Grant recipient notified on April 15th.

  • Apply Here


Can I apply if I have already have a small business?

Absolutely! We aren’t necessarily looking for a bare bones start-up, just another badass entrepreneur we can invest in and share what we’ve learned.

Do I have to pay anything back?

Nope! Just pinky promise you’ll pay it forward one day.

What if I don’t need to apply but I’d like to contribute?

We’d love your support in helping another mama create a sustainable living for herself. Any donation made will help to fund the Rooted grant. Plus, it’d be a whole lotta good karma. You can contribute to the Rooted grant via PayPal at

Am I eligible?

Do you identify as a woman? Are you a mama or caregiver who could benefit from chasing your dream? Apply! We have a panel of fellow female entrepreneurs that will help determine the recipient of the Rooted grant and mentorship program.

What are you looking for in a grantee?

A whole lot of passion and a heavy dose of hustle. Our ideal applicant will have a business, or business plan, that sets their soul on fire! We want to feel your passion for your business and your family through your responses. I’ll also give bonus points for an affinity for 90’s rap music and a sarcastic sense of humor.

Applicants may apply annually. The Rooted grant will be awarded annually to one individual. The Rooted grant and mentorship application will be reviewed by a panel of fellow female entrepreneurs. Have additional questions about applying? Contact us at