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Join us for Spring Break In-Studio Classes in Cartersville, GA! Join us for Spring Break In-Studio Classes in Cartersville, GA!

Clover + Birch Studio FAQ


The Clover + Birch Studio FAQ

What is it? It’s a rentable photography studio for photographers, brands and content creators. Like Airbnb, but hourly!

Mini sessions:
Not a pro? Same, bro. Same. You can reserve the studio hourly for content creation, brand photography, or whatever your heart desires. You can even host a class or small event! 

Please note that set ups for mini sessions are typically booked to photographers. If you book a session for one of our sets, you’ll need to provide a photographer. If you don’t have one but are dying to use the set, we can connect you with one of the photographers that has a session reserved.

Do you have studio lighting?
We are a natural light studio, with windows facing north, so the light shines through all day. There are ring lights in the studio if you’re doing photos of just yourself. You’re welcome to bring lighting equipment.

Is there privacy over the windows?
Yes! The front windows have curtains and blinds. 

Is there a restroom?
Yes! You will have to enter the restroom through the shop so you’ll get a sneak peek behind the scenes at Clover + Birch. 

How do I schedule?
You will select the calendar options on the main page, and select a date and time to reserve your time slot.

If I can’t make it, will I get a refund?
If rescheduled within 48 hours, yes you will receive a full refund or new date. If canceled or rescheduled less than 48 hours, you will receive a partial refund. 

Is there parking available?
Parking is available on site. 

What happens if something is damaged?
You will be billed for any damages that incur.

Do I need insurance?
Clover + Birch  carries insurance on the building and the contents; however, we are NOT responsible for your clients or your equipment. You should have your own personal liability and business insurance for that.

Who cleans up?
You are responsible for cleaning up from your session, prior to exiting the studio. The studio should be left how it was when you entered. 

What if I only use 30 minutes, can I come back and use another 30 minutes another time?
No, 1 hour time slots are to be used for the time reserved. 

What should I bring with me?
Your camera, any props you may want to bring, any studio lighting, etc. We have scissors, command strips, string, safety pins, all the extras you may need in a pinch. 

Can I move the furniture around or hang things on the walls? 
You may move the furniture to accommodate your set up. Please don’t move permanent fixtures, like wall hangings, or create additional holes in the wall. Feel free to use command strips to place items on the walls that you may need.

How do I get in?
We’ll be there to let you in. 

Who cleans the linens?
The linens are laundered once a week. Surfaces are sanitized regularly.

Do you have membership or package options?
Membership: We have 4 membership spots available at one time, for a 3 month period. Members are given a significant discount for 6 hours a month with exclusive rights to prime time hours on the weekends, as well as access to the prop closet. 

Mini session package ($500):
At a minimum, we’ll offer 12 mini session sets a year. When you purchase a package, you’ll receive access to 6 sessions for the price of 5. You’ll also receive first access to book before sessions are made available to the public. This will also include access to our offsite sets that will be offered later in the year including our mini barn and black Vintage Camper.

Do you have props?
We do have a prop closet for member access. Our prop closet includes baskets, smalls for flatlays, various rugs and textiles, an inflatable bed with linens, pillows, wicker and boho items as well as plants and a small collection of clothing. Access to our prop closet can be added on to our hourly rate for $50.
Want something we don’t have? Try me, seriously; I love a challenge. If it’s something that fits our vibe, we’ll purchase it to add to our inventory. 

How many clients can I shoot at a time?
Your studio time is used however you see fit. You are welcome to set up minis and shoot as many as you want during your scheduled studio time. We do ask that you don’t have more families in the studio than you can manage while you are shooting. 

Will furniture and props rotate  in the studio?
My toxic trait is a love of thrifting. I’m constantly bringing in new items. Seriously, ask my husband.

Can I host a class or workshop?
Umm, yes! Our space is small but mighty. It’s ideal for a gathering of 10 people or less, and is available for pop-up markets, playdates, and private events.

Can we bring pets?
Only if I am allowed to come pet them before your session. Pets are welcome, just send us a message before you book your session so we can make necessary accommodations on our end.

Where are we located?
The photography space is located inside the Clover + Birch shop in Cartersville, GA.

Clover + Birch is a lifestyle brand with an emphasis on green living and minimalist wooden toys. Our wooden toys are crafted by hand in the shop located in the back of the studio. We designed the Photography studio to fit our branding and content needs and thought we’d share it with you as well!