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Our simplistic hammock is an alluring, purposeful addition to any playroom, nursery, or children's indoor space. The modern design and neutral palette allows our hammock chair to become a bold statement piece, or a warming accent, without the overpowering presence of typical children's gear.

Your child will find comfort in our unique design that supports them as they move. The short width of the support bar allows the hammock to be used in a seated position as a chair, while the gathered fabric provides space for reclining, similar to a traditional hammock. The 100% cotton canvas fabric is supportive yet pliable - excellent for play.

This hanging hammock chair is the ideal space for your little one to curl up with a book, retreat for imaginative play, or relax within the gentle swinging motion. The potential uses for both gross motor stimulation and relaxation with our hammock chair are endless.

Our indoor hammock chair is also a wonderful tool for children with sensory processing issues that benefit from proprioception or vestibular input.

Our Hammock Chair is crafted from 100% cotton canvas fabric. The cotton fabric is machine sewn and reinforced for strength and durability. Nylon rope allows the chair to be fully adjustable to your child's preferred height.

The oak support bar measures 3' in length.

Necessary mounting hardware is included.

You'll receive:
One ceiling hook that supports 250 pounds.
One carabiner that supports 250 pounds.
One hammock chair ( 25' of rope to adjust as needed, support bar, cotton hammock seat).

You'll need:
A stud finder.
A drill and bit.

Use a stud finder to locate a stud in the ceiling. Pre-drill your pilot hole and insert the anchor until secure. Use the carabiner to attach the hammock to the anchor.

Adjust the height by tying a knot below and above the support bar at your desired height. Cut the remaining rope and lightly burn the ends of the rope with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Try our specialized wooden toy cleaner and polish to shine up the support bar, too.

Each of our toys comes gift wrapped as our treat to you, and if you would like us to include a card, please let us know during checkout. We heart the earth too, so all our shipping materials are recyclable and compostable.